Annual Report

Toward Tomorrow: Building a New Public Lands Legacy

More than eighty years ago, when Bob Marshall, Aldo Leopold and others founded The Wilderness Society, they did so knowing that a quickly urbanizing nation needed to think far ahead in order to preserve our wildest places for everyone and for all time. That long view—and that history of always looking forward continues to define The Wilderness Society today.

In just the past year, we’ve seen decades of hard work come to fruition all across the country, resulting in the protection of some of our nation’s most spectacular landscapes—from Idaho’s newly established Boulder-White Clouds Wilderness to Colorado’s Browns Canyon National Monument. Years of advocacy—not only by staff and supporters, but also by communities that depend on these special places—led to remarkable achievements that build on our public lands legacy for the generation ahead.

But these accomplishments only tell part of the story. Today, we are also bringing new thinking to our work as we address some of the biggest challenges of our time.

In a warming world, protected public lands will play an even greater role in maintaining healthy ecosystems—providing the large, connected landscapes that give plants and animals the best chance to adapt to the impacts of climate change. At the same time, we are helping reshape how energy is developed on public lands, transitioning it toward clean, renewable energy fundamental to a sustainable planet.

In an increasingly urban and fast-paced nation, we also need to expand opportunities for people to experience our wildlands to renew our physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Our partnerships with youth and recreation groups to get more people outdoors—from the Southern Appalachians to Los Angeles’ San Gabriel Mountains to Washington’s North Cascades—have been particularly rewarding and vital to building an enduring conservation ethic in this country.

As we build upon the strong successes by generations of Americans to protect wild places, we know our work on public lands today is more vital to human and global health than it ever has been.

Your generous support and advocacy is what makes this important work possible.

Thank you.

Jamie Williams, President
David Churchill, Chair, Governing Council

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