Available Actions

Sign the petition to protect Bears Ears as a national monument

For decades, Native American tribes and others have been advocating for the protection of a landscape in Utah that is vital to their history and culture, known as Bears Ears. Rampant looting, grave robbing, irresponsible off-road vehicle use, energy development and the destruction of historic structures and rock art threaten the survival of this unique place. Take action >

Tell Congress to support the Public Lands Renewable Energy Development Act!

We need wind and solar energy to replace dirty fossil fuels. We also need healthy wild places for clean air, clean water, and a place to recreate and enjoy the great outdoors. To achieve both, we must have a smart-from-the-start approach that balances renewable energy with conservation and other uses of our land. Urge Congress to build clean energy and protect wild places at the same time! Take action >  

Say No to Arctic Drilling

The oil and gas industry continues to threaten the Arctic Ocean and the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge with efforts to drill in these pristine and fragile places. Help us preserve the last of America’s wildest lands by asking President Obama to make protection of the Arctic part of his legacy. Please sign this letter to help protect the Arctic. Take action >