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Double arches, Moab, Utah
Kari Varner
Relentless attacks on our public lands led to the establishment of The Wilderness Society’s BLM Action Center in 2003.

The Action Center works to protect America's wild lands and open spaces by helping people participate in decision-making processes that will shape the future of BLM lands across the West, including places like Utah's canyon country, Colorado's Vermillion Basin and Otero Mesa in southeastern New Mexico.

The Action Center provides direct support, offers training workshops and serves as a clearinghouse for information about BLM land use planning and policy.

Email or call us for information at 303-650-5818.

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BLM Action Center Staff

Nada Culver, Director and Senior Counsel

Nada brings to the Action Center more than 15 years of legal experience working on environmental issues including energy development, environmental remediation and nuclear energy. Her previous work also gives Nada insight into some of the pressures that BLM receives from development interests.

Nada is available to provide technical assistance and advice on BLM planning and policy issues. Contact Nada at 303-650-5818 x 117 or at

Phil Hanceford, Associate Attorney

Phil came to The Wilderness Society after completing law school with a focus in natural resources and public lands legal and policy issues. Phil also has experience working for both local and national conservation groups in his areas of interest, including sustainable development, R.S. 2477 rights-of-way and protection of western public lands in general.

Phil is available to provide assistance and advice on BLM planning issues, with a particular focus on lands within the National Landscape Conservation System. Contact Phil at 303-650-5818 x 122 or at

Alex Daue, Renewable Energy Coordinator

Alex has been with The Wilderness Society since 2007. His work focuses on collaborating with partners across the West to advance responsible policy for renewable energy and transmission development and site projects in appropriate areas on public lands. Before joining The Wilderness Society, Alex was a river guide in Arizona, Colorado and West Virginia. He has a B.A. in Biology from the University of Colorado.

Alex can provide information on renewable energy development on public lands, from specific projects to national policies. Contact Alex at 303-650-5818 x 108 or at

Juli Slivka, Planning & Policy Associate

Juli brings to the Action Center a background in environmental science and a lifelong love of the great outdoors. She enjoys working with colleagues at The Wilderness Society, other conservation organizations, BLM staff and interested members of the public to achieve long-term protections for our western wildlands.

Juli can provide information on land use planning processes and connect conservation partners. Contact Juli at 303-650-5818 x 129 or at

Jennifer Dickson, Communications Manager

Jennifer came to The Wilderness Society with a strong background in advocacy communications. From her early days as a print reporter in a small town in Texas, to her more than ten years of garnering media attention for environmental, energy and progressive issues, Jennifer understands the ever-changing media realm.

Whether you are writing a story for a mainstream publication, looking for video footage or photos of some of America's wildest lands or a blogger looking for a new story angle, Jennifer can assist you in your efforts. She is based in our Denver office and serves the BLM Action Center in regional and national capacities. Contact Jennifer in the office at 303-650-5818 x 110, by cell phone at 202-316-2555, or at

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