Internship Program

The Wilderness Society recognizes the importance of nurturing a new generation of individuals who have a commitment to environmental causes and a passion for wilderness preservation.  Our internship program is designed with this in mind.  The program allows participants to expand their knowledge of environmental issues, apply academic knowledge in real world situations, and acquire new skills in the fields of conservation, government relations, philanthropy, communications, and marketing.

The following internships are available at The Wilderness Society.  Each opportunity is designed for undergraduate or graduate students in the summer, spring, and fall semesters; please see individual postings for semester-specific information and application deadlines.  Unless otherwise noted, all internships are unpaid.

Internship Opportunities

How to Apply

Please email a resume, cover letter, and recent writing sample as noted in the specific posting.  Please use the subject line to indicate the internship program you are applying for.  











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