When you join The Wilderness Society, you join a community of people passionate about protecting wilderness.

When you make a donation of $35 or more, you become a Wilderness Society member and are entitled to member benefits.

Our community of members works hard to preserve our nation's wild heritage and protect iconic wildlands such as the Mojave Desert, the Greater Smoky Mountains, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon.

Of the 618 million acres of federal wildlands that Americans own, nearly 110 million acres have permanent wilderness protection. That amount is less than five percent of the U.S. land base and less than two percent of U.S. land outside of Alaska.

Roughly 100 million more acres of high-quality wildlands still need protection. At Wilderness, we're working to protect those wildlands in the next 20 years, before they become fragmented by development. We're also working to steer energy development away from the most sensitive wildlands toward more compatible places.

Time is running out on protecting these important wildlands — and we need your help. Please help ensure our wildlands remain wild for generations. Make a donation to become a member today.

Overview of benefits

With your generous support of The Wilderness Society for $35 or more, you not only help protect wilderness but also become entitled to special benefits.

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As a member, you have been a shared owner in our wilderness victories and trusted ally in our fight to protect more wildlands. That fight isn't over and we still need your help.

To renew your membership, simply make an annual donation of $35 or more

The best and easiest way to keep your membership current is to set your renewal contribution to recur monthly and have your donation automatically processed each month.

Notable members

Our members are in good company. Our notable members include actresses Betty White and Wendie Malick and musician Dave Matthews, who is a Wilderness Society governing council member.

Our accountability

As a member, you are critical to our mission. We share information about our activities and finances, so you can feel confident about your investment.