Responsible Oil and Gas Development

Clean coal plant
Oil and gas development can be incredibly harmful to our wildlands if not done responsibly.

Wildlands are valuable to all Americans, not just oil and gas companies. At The Wilderness Society, we’re committed to making sure that any fossil fuel development on our public wildlands is done responsibly.

What is Responsible Development?

Irresponsible oil and gas development pollutes our air and water and damages the ecosytems that make up our wildlands. Responsible development of oil and gas means:

  • Placing unprotected wild landscapes and sensitive cultural sites off-limits to leasing and development.
  • Protecting crucial wildlife habitats from the adverse impacts of oil and gas activities.
  • Closing loopholes in federal laws that protect drinking water and surface water quality.
  • Requiring oil and gas companies to disclose chemicals used in drilling.
  • Protecting air quality from harmful emissions, including methane and other air pollutants, that accompany oil and gas development.
  • Honoring the rights of owners to protect their lands and waters in split-estate situations.
  • Ensuring sufficient federal agency staffing and resources for field monitoring and inspection as drilling plans are implemented.
  • Phased leasing to minimize socioeconomic and environmental impacts.

At Wilderness, we work to ensure these principles are followed by the government and the oil and gas companies that use public lands. In return for responsible development, we all get clean air, clean water and vibrant ecosystems.