Caroline Mosley

Author Contact

Digital Content Producer, Energy and Climate Campaign



Caroline left the fresh coast of Wisconsin for salty east coast, coming to TWS in 2016. She writes blogs and runs social media for energy and climate, elevating issues such as oil and gas production and renewable energy on public lands.

Before coming to TWS, Caroline was a Knauss Marine Policy Fellow at NOAA, finding her passion of science communication and advocacy in the digital sphere.

She received her MS at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee School of Freshwater Sciences, conducting research and publishing a paper on invasive mussels in Lake Michigan. She prides herself on SCUBA diving in some very cold water in the name of science. Caroline graduated from Creighton University with a BS in Environmental Science.

Forever a Packers fan, Caroline enjoys running in any weather, rock climbing, and wearing a plethora of animal-patterned apparel.