• I’ll let you in on a secret. There is a way for your family to experience the best of southern Utah and northern Arizona and all you have to do is get there. Yup, no need to develop a plan for how to spend your days, others have done that planning for you!

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    Wildlflower jungles in the Greater Smoky Mountains, icy blue oceans off the Arctic coast, red canyons in the Colorado Plateau — when we connect with these wild places, we feel at home.

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    The Wilderness Society is a national non-profit organization that has protected America's Wilderness since 1935.

    We work on a range of policy and regional conservation issues related to wilderness protection and inspiring Americans to care for wild places.

  • Earth Day was celebrated in unique ways in the small towns across western Colorado.

  • If you're thinking about a spontaneous jaunt to a national park anytime this spring, now is the time to do it. April 21 -29 is National Park Week, which means free admission.

  • Sometimes we are given the opportunity to realize that there is wild all around us.

  • Last week The Wilderness Society signed onto comments with our environmental partners in support of reconsidering rules around integrating distributed generation onto the grid.

  • NPS

    Wild places across the country are under siege.  Now, in addition to threats coming out of Capitol Hill, our wild places are also coming from state capitals as well.

    The first attempts to take away federal lands are already underway.  In Utah, the legislature passed and the Governor signed a law that takes land away from places the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument.  This unprecedented action is an attempt to undo decades of conservation and protection, and hand over swaths of land to mining companies, oil and gas drillers, and logging companies.