Experience California

With 25 National Park units, 18 national forests and more than 15 million acres of Bureau of Land Management lands, California is a dream come true for outdoor recreationists.

Whether you want to see favorite tourist places like Yosemite or get off the beaten track and explore the mysteries of the desert, you will never run out of recreation options in California.

Things to do

California offers every outdoor activity you can dream up, from bird watching to rock climbing. Organize your trip by matching your activity to the best wild lands. 

Where to go

California is big, so you may want to limit your trip to just one region. Then match your favorite outdoor activities to the best locations.

When to go

California’s terrain and weather is diverse, so you'll want to plan accordingly. For example, Death Valley hiking is great in December but unthinkable in August.

  • Neil Shader

    A report on landscape-based mitigation released by the Interior Department Energy and Climate Change Task Force, “A Strategy for Improving the Mitigation Policies and Practices of The Department of the Interior,”  provides a blueprint for better protection for fish, wildlife, recreation and wild land values for the tens of millions of acres of public lands open to oil and gas and other energy development.

  • Michael Reinemer

    This weekend, veterans from around the West will be visiting the rolling, boulder-strewn landscape of the Dragoon Mountains south of Tucson to participate in a writing workshop that will guide them on skills needed to create narratives of fiction, non-fiction, or poetry that is informed both by their service experiences and the natural environment.

  • Neil Shader

    The following statement on the confirmation of Neil Kornze to be the Director of the Bureau of Land Management can be attributed to Jamie Williams, president of The Wilderness Society.