Experience California

With 25 National Park units, 18 national forests and more than 15 million acres of Bureau of Land Management lands, California is a dream come true for outdoor recreationists.

Whether you want to see favorite tourist places like Yosemite or get off the beaten track and explore the mysteries of the desert, you will never run out of recreation options in California.

Things to do

California offers every outdoor activity you can dream up, from bird watching to rock climbing. Organize your trip by matching your activity to the best wild lands. 

Where to go

California is big, so you may want to limit your trip to just one region. Then match your favorite outdoor activities to the best locations.

When to go

California’s terrain and weather is diverse, so you'll want to plan accordingly. For example, Death Valley hiking is great in December but unthinkable in August.

  • Michael Reinemer

    The Wilderness Society praises Congress for passing the Hill Creek Cultural Preservation and Energy Development Act (H.R. 356 / S. 27). The legislation provides for the exchange of roughly 20,000 acres of Utah’s mineral rights from ecologically and culturally sensitive lands in the Desolation Canyon region of the Uintah and Ouray Reservation for federal mineral rights in another part of the reservation.

  • Michael Reinemer

    The draft House Interior and Environment Appropriations bill released today is a clear improvement from previous years, though it still misses the mark on several key conservation, climate and public lands needs and is laden with numerous policy provisions or “riders” that have no place in the appropriations process.

  • Michael Reinemer

    On Wednesday, The Wilderness Society presented lifetime conservation achievement awards to Representatives George Miller, Jim Moran and Rush Holt, who collectively represent 80 years of support for conservation of some of America’s most stunning landscapes and protection of the country’s clean air and water.  All three members of Congress have announced their plans to retire at the end of the current session.

    Rep. George Miller (California – 11th District)