Toolkit: Defend pollution protections with the BLM Methane Rule

Stop the Senate from killing pollution protections

Right now, we need to fight back against Congress’ attempts to roll back one of the Obama administration’s final environmental safeguards, the Bureau of Land Management Natural Gas Waste Rule, also known as the BLM methane rule.

Republicans in Congress are scheming to repeal this rule under an obscure and rarely-used law, the Congressional Review Act, which could set our environmental safeguards back decades and quash the nearly 300,000 public comments submitted in favor of the pollution standard.    

The House moved swiftly to pass legislation and kill this rule in early February, and it now awaits action in the Senate. If this bill (S.J. Res. 11) makes it through the Senate, it will surely be signed into law by a Trump. We need to pressure our senators and tell them to keep the BLM methane rule in place!

The federal rule aims to reduce natural gas waste—estimated to cost taxpayers more than $330 million a year—and its associated methane pollution from all oil and gas operations on lands the BLM leases to companies for drilling. Eliminating this rule speaks to a new age under Trump, where fossil fuel interests are placed first on public lands.

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Voice up! Action steps for being heard:

Now is the key moment to contact your senators—they are feeling pressure from the oil and gas industry to roll back reforms and need to hear from their constituents that environmental protections matter.


Call your Congress members about the BLM methane rule 

Click here to call your senator and tell them to OPPOSE S.J. Res 11 and OPPOSE using the Congressional Review Act to eliminate the BLM methane rule.

You will be connected to an operator on the United States Capitol switchboard. Have your ZIP code ready, so the operator can connect you with the senator’s office. 

  Talking points for your phone call 

  • Tell them who you are and where you’re from (including your ZIP code)
  • Urge your senator to vote NO on the Congressional Review Act Resolution on the Bureau of Land Management Methane Rule
  • Tell them why the BLM methane rule is important:
    • More than $330 million in gas is wasted each year on public lands.
    • Taxpayers stand to lose $800 million over the next decade without this rule.
    • Wasted natural gas is a major source of air pollution that is hazardous to human health.
    • Keeping this rule in place will ensure companies capture these resources and provide Americans with cost-effective energy.
    • 81% of western voters support this rule.
    • The BLM methane rule creates jobs—there are nearly 80 companies in the U.S. creating American jobs by preventing waste.


Social media tools

Use Facebook and Twitter to share information on the BLM methane rule with your followers and catch the attention of your senators by tagging them in your tweet.

Click on the social media icons to tweet or post from your account.

Sample tweets:

Stop pollution & keep the BLM methane rule on our public lands! #RulesAtRisk #cutmethane

With the oil industry’s blessing, Congress moves to repeal oil & gas reforms on public lands #RulesAtRisk

Stop oil & gas companies from polluting our #cleanair & wasting our resources on public lands #cutmethane

Keep environmental protections in place to stop methane pollution & waste from drilling #ActOnClimate 


Relevant hashtags:







Sample Facebook post

ACT NOW! Congress wants to eliminate the BLM methane rule—making it easier for the oil and gas industry to pollute and waste on our public lands. Tell them NO WAY:



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Sign our petition and send an email to your senator

Use our action alert to send a note to your senator to tell them not to roll back the BLM methane rule. Remember that the most effective letters are those that have been personalized.  Be sure to edit your note with information about why protecting this oil and gas reform matters to you.


 Talk to your senator in person 

If your senator has a town hall or public meeting in the near future, it would be an excellent time to generate some pressure (in person) to OPPOSE using the Congressional Review Act to eliminate the BLM methane rule. Check out the Town Hall Project or Legistorm. You can also find your senator’s closest district office and request a small group meeting with your senator or district staff.

Suggested questions:

  • Will Sen. __ commit to standing up for taxpayers and his/her constituents by voting no on the Bureau of Land Management Natural Gas Waste Rule Congressional Review Act resolution?
  • Does Sen. __ support squandering up to $800 million over the next 10 years by continuing to waste natural gas that is owned by all Americans?
  • Shouldn’t we be doing everything we can to prevent the waste of taxpayer resources?  
  • Where is Sen. ___?  Isn’t this the in-state work period?  Why isn’t s/he here to meet with us?  

After the town hall or in-person meeting is over, share everything on social media (example hashtags) and speak to the local media. 


Submit a letter to a newspaper

Writing a letter to the editor or op-ed is a great way to get visibility for our issue and have it put directly before your Congress member—contact Katie Breen at The Wilderness Society at or 202-429-2664 if you are interesting in submitting a letter to the editor. 

More than 150 protesters gathered outside of Colorado Sen. Cory Gardner's Durango office demanding he show support for the BLM methane rule in February 2017.

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