BLM Data Show Vast Federal Acreage Under Oil & Gas Leases That Are Not Developed

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Data recently released by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) solidly refute industry allegations that the Obama Administration has not made enough federal lands available for drilling and energy development. As data show, industry controls tens of millions of acres of federal lands that have not been developed or not developed fully.

This report shows that although 45,365,695 onshore federal acres were under lease as of FY 2009, only 12,842,209 acres of these lands were in production. In other words, the oil and gas industry has in its inventories over 32,500,000 acres of onshore federal leases that it has not developed.

Moreover, the data also show that although the BLM issued 4,487 drilling permits (“APDs”) in FY 2009, the industry drilled only 3,267 new wells using these permits.

BLM-Oil-Gas-Data-Through-FY2009.pdf630.03 KB