The Facts: New Data Show Over 29,000,000 Acres of Idle Federal Oil and Gas Leases

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Data Also Show Thousands of Idle but Approved Federal Drilling Permits

Although the oil and gas industry and their allies have criticized Obama Administration policies for allegedly restricting the industry’s access to federal lands for drilling, new information released by the Interior Department’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in January, 2011 indicates that the oil and gas industry controls 41,186,158 acres of federal onshore lands, but has drilling operations on just 12,205,416 acres of these leases.

In other words, the oil and gas industry is sitting on over 29 million acres of unused federal oil and gas leases, an area the size of the state of Tennessee. By contrast, the BLM administers only 8.6 million acres of designated wilderness on the 245 million acres it manages.

View the Fact Sheet below.

Fact-Sheet-Idle-BLM-Leases-and-APDs.pdf170.23 KB