San Gabriel Mountains

The San Gabriel Mountains - less than an hour from downtown Los Angeles – are Southern California’s recreation backyard.

To protect them, we are building support to create a national recreation area in the mountains while also protecting wilderness and wild rivers. These two things will help protect the forest and bring better visitor services, such as more rangers and better trail maintenance.

More than 17 million people live near this rugged range stretching across two of the nation’s most popular national forests. The San Gabriel Mountains are home to alpine forests, chaparral hills, clear trout-filled streams and the often snow-capped 10,068-foot Mt. Baldy, L.A. County’s tallest peak.

Why San Gabriel Mountains

The San Gabriel Mountains are within an hour’s drive of more than 17 million people making the area Southern California’s backyard.

Most of the range is in the Angeles National Forest. This forest gives Los Angeles County:

  • More than one-third of its drinking water
  • More than 70 percent of its open space
  • Scenic and critical habitat

Work We’re Doing

As lead members of the diverse partnership San Gabriel Mountains Forever, we are working to build support for a national recreation area in the San Gabriel Mountains and to preserve wilderness and wild rivers.

National Recreation Area

Imagine a 600,000-acre recreation area (three times bigger than New York City) that improves the Angeles National Forest and offers park-poor lower river urban areas with:

  • More visitor services like trail signs
  • Education programs
  • More rangers           

Wilderness and Wild Rivers

San Gabriel Mountains Forever is also focused on:

  • Protection of additional wilderness
  • Protection of of rivers and creeks as wild and scenic

These public wildlands are beautiful scenic areas that are also important wildlife habitats and drinking water sources.

Our partners

We are leading San Gabriel Mountains Forever (SGMF), a diverse partnership that is working to preserve the mountains and improve recreational opportunities.

San Gabriel Mountains Forever members include:

  • Residents and cities
  • Faith and community leaders
  • Health and social service organizations
  • Businesses
  • Conservation groups

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