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Baker, Nevada

14 Adolescent Big Morns -Mt. Moriah Wilderness NV

Terry Marasco

Notice the Big Horns looking at me. I was in a clump of about 3,000 year old bristle cones when the herd caught my eye. They were beyond the regular lens. I started changing lenses and dropped one. They turned toward me and I took the shot. Mt Moriah Wilderness – The Table - This is one of the last pristine places in the country and one of the most scenic hiking areas in NV & UT.  While not readily accessible, one can drive to within 2 miles and hike in, or hike as much as 9 miles one way; the 9 miler is usually done by those camping on The Table overnight, a surreal backcountry experience.  The views are expansive: the Wasatch Range about 200 miles NE can be see and many ranges hundreds of miles away are also in view.   Mt. Moriah is in the North Snake Range in Eastern central Nevada and includes the Mt. Moriah Wilderness (Declared by Congress, 1989).   The Table is a 3 square mile relatively flat outcrop at 11,000’ of Lower Cambrian Pioche Shale (over ½ Billion years old) and Lower Cambrian Prospect Mountain Quartzite (about 3/4 of a billion years old)  while Mt. Moriah towers closely above at 12,067’.  The Table is a unique world of subalpine vegetation lined with bristle cone and limber pine. Dry pinyon-juniper forestland dominates a large part of the lower elevations here.