Nearby Moments

Moab, Utah


Kaitlyn Nagel

It was the perfect morning, and I had prepared myself for this moment for such a long time. I walked over to the highline and tied into the safety leash. I scooted out to the edge of the canyon with my feet hanging off the ledge, and I completely froze up. I could not bring myself to take a step out on the line, it is one of the most unnatural and scariest things I have experienced. After minutes which felt like an eternity sitting on the edge, I decided to take an alternate route out onto the highline. I shortened my leash and scooted out to the middle, hanging below the line. In order to get the full experience and face my fear, I had to lay back and let it all is impossible to explain the feeling of floating 500 feet over the canyon floor, and there is only one word that comes close to defining the sensation...FREEDOM!