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the wilderness is inside us

Message from a Wolf

Helen Tam-Semmens

Message From A Wolf, 8-14-14 (I have never shared any of my visions in public before. This is a first. I do it because I was asked. It is also because this is important.) Last night I had a series of lucid dreams which I won’t get into here. This morning while I was lingering in between sleep and wake states, a wolf came to me. She sits on my left, just stares at me. She has these incredibly beautiful and intelligent eyes that I’ve never seen in wolves or any other animals before. Her fur is greyish white, almost silver. I open myself to communicate with her through her eyes. Then immediately I am drawn into her eyes and can see through her eyes. I am awed by the grandest vista I have ever seen, of tall majestic mountains, lively streams, and a harmonic symphony of a variety of plants and trees. All in vibrate light and life. I can see the vibrant light and life running through all of them. That light is also their means of communication. Not the kind of communication as we know it, but a music that they all play together. That is also the stuff all are made of - the mountains, the rocks, the water and the plants. And the wolf. "This is my place." "I am also part of this place." The wolf tells me with her thought. I understand that there is no separation between the wolf’s ‘place’ and her. I also understand that she speaks not only for herself and all wolves, but also for her place, for Mother Earth. There is no separation. Now I find myself no longer looking out through the wolf’s eyes, but fully present in the enchanted place. I hear the sound and the music, which is also a breeze that passes through me, and a multitude of colors that impresses me. No word can describe such beauty and elegance. The whole place, the whole being beams of joy. But that is not to last. Soon I feel a tug in my heart. An ache of sort. I can see piles of wolf bodies, bloody, some still writhing. I can feel the tremendous agony through the eyes of the wolf. The whole place dims in a silent scream. "These are my people." The wolf communicates to me with her thought. I can feel the full gravity of the agony all around me, which permeates the water and the rocks and the sky and the nodding plants. I can’t help but be affected, feeling sad. The wolf must have sensed that. She looks at me and pulls me out of that sadness with her thought: "Don’t focus on that." "There are important things to do." Now I can see a man with a long gun walking into the wolf’s place. "Man are intruders. Man are intruders. Man are intruders. …." Ok, I get the message, loud and clear! But then I think to myself - I’m part of mankind too. What can I do? Now I find myself looking through the eyes of the man. My vision narrows. The previously expansive vista is now so confined I almost feel claustrophobic. The trees and streams no longer feel alive and vibrant. I lost my freedom and vitality and sense of beauty and wonder and happiness. I am blind to this place. I am the man, the hunter, who just want to go in and out of this place and take something out of it, as if a burglar steals into his neighbor’s house and take something valuable from the neighbor, which in fact has no value to him. There is some fear. Fear of the unknown place? Fear that the neighbor might be around the corner? The man clutched the gun tighter. "The man looks but cannot see." Now I am once again my own self, next to the wolf. I understand what she meant. I am so glad that I am out of the man’s deadened viewpoint, and back in the wolf’s beautiful reality. It is abundantly clear to me that the man is entirely out of place, like a balloon with its string cut off. All blown up in importance, with nothing but air. Floating purposelessly, disconnected, in the mercy of the unknown, simply because he does not care to know. Feeling isolated, simply because he does not care to connect. I feel bad for mankind. How can mankind change? How can I change? "Man has to first put his gun down." "There is no danger. Absolutely no danger in this place." (Afterthought: Now I understand that the gun is not only the hunter’s gun, but also represents the fear and the need for protection that man feels toward Mother Nature. Mother Nature is ‘this place’, the wolf’s place. Mother Nature is also the wolf.) When I hear that there’s no danger, a thought flashes in my mind: How about being eaten by wild animals? How about accidentally trip and fall into a ravine? I feel the wolf looking at me. And without any indication, the wolf opens her mouth. The next thing I know, I feel a crunch on my head and a warmth of blood dripping down my head. I am caught in utter surprise, and a tight grip of the wolf’s jaw on my entire head. The surprise is so great that I pop out of what I think is my body, and watch the terrific scene from a distance. From there, I can see no violence coming from the wolf. He is going about it matter-of-factly. I find myself pop back in. I realize that there is no pain! Instead of fear and pain, there is almost a warmth, a familiar closeness under that deadly grip of the wolf’s mouth. I have an important revelation: There is no pain if I just give in to it. The wolf then gives me this thought: "Death is part of life. With no death there is no life." Now I know what the wolf is doing is to teach me a lesson, because I want to learn. And if I die like this, it is all agreed upon. It’s all good. On the contrary, what the hunter did was stealing, not a give and take that it should. The wolves did not agree to such premature death. The man does not know, nor care to know. He has cut himself off from the flow of communication of the light and life that permeates everything. He is a stranger in his own house. And miserable. So he bumps around, hurting himself and everybody around him, including the wolves and his own Mother, Mother Nature who nurtures him and gives him every thing that he has. With that understanding, the wolf let go of my head. Now I see the man put down his gun. And the moment he does that, I can see as if a big weight has been lifted off him. His steps are visibly lighter and freer. He then takes off his shoes and something else too which I can’t quite catch, because I am distracted by a question in my thought: Can man take his technology with him? "Yes" The man now looks around, and starts opening himself to this place. His place. His face melts into an angelic smile, with the wonder of a child. From his expressions, I know he must have felt what I felt when I was first immersed this place. The man finally sees the wolf. They play and wrestle on the ground like happy wolves in the same pack, like a boy with his beloved dog. And when the man finally stands up, he is standing tall. Not just tall, but enormous! He is bright too, with light reaching down to Mother Earth like roots of a tree, and light coming from his head connecting to the heaven above. And I am this man too, feeling the power and the joy. "Mankind stands between the earth and the sky, between Mother Earth and Heavenly Father." "This is what you are supposed to be." "A true human being." (Afterthought: The hunter obviously represents human kind as a whole at this point of time, taking without permission from Mother Earth and her children - through mining, pollution, excessive logging, destruction of natural habitats, stealing animals' freedom and lives through factory farms, needless hunting of wildlifes, etc. But I think the hunter with the gun and the pile of writhing wolf bodies I saw are more real and specific than composite energy of mankind and Mother Earth. It reminds me of the hunting derby in Idaho. It is not to say that all hunting are taking without permission. But I think that hunting animals with their permission, similar to the wolf biting my head off with my full previous permission, is extremely rare these days, and can only occur to those who live very close to Mother Earth and still maintain their connection with Mother, such as in some indigenous tribes. Same goes with animal farming, which is needless taking in this day and age, since almost all of us humans have access to plant food year round. And we humans do not need meat and dairy to be healthy at all. As a matter of fact, based on many scientific studies, meat and dairy increase the risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes .. all kinds of nasty diseases that plague us humans these days. Concerning the wolf asking me not to focus on the pile of wolf bodies: My understanding is that this does not mean we should overlook the suffering mankind has caused our brethren Earthings through our blindness and disconnection, but rather that we should take positive actions and put out good intentions to help mankind evolve, at the same time remedy his mistakes, instead of being paralyzed by sadness, helplessness, or tripped by anger or hate.) (Photo added by TWS Staff Courtesy of Flickr CC Fool4MyCanon)