Nearby Moments

Buttercup Wildlife Sanctuary, Stanfordville NY

Purity Within a Sanctuary

My property borders the Butter Cup Wildlife Sanctuary in New York. I grew up with my father taking me on short hikes into the presserve to see the catskill mountains that line the horizon. One day, back when I was in my freshmen year of high school, I was loosing my innocence as I began to view the ugly truths of the world. I wanted get away from the drama with friends, the influence of peer pressure and substances, and this one day, I decided to revisit the wild preserve. As I walked in something caught my eye, the Sun's rays pressed against the side of a tree covered hill and made it get this greenish glow. I decided to go check it out, what I discovered was something so utterly beautiful, that it changed me forever. The hills were covered in thin, tall, light green grass that glowed in the sun, the air was cool as the sun was nearing the horizon. The air was filled with the sweet aroma of the spring blooming tea berry bushes that flooded the fields of the preserve. As I walked up the hill I stepped deeper into a green wonderland. There were wildflowers swarming with butterflies, giant trees that stood strong and beautiful. And at that moment, I realized that every stupid teenage girl problem that I was letting run my life, really was meaningless, and from then on I would visit this place to let my social world problems desintigrate. Finding this place taught me that there are more important things in life, and that every social drama is a human illusion, that this beautiful natural world is the true reality. Because I discovered this simple wonderland, I now plan to dedicate my future to the study and conservation of trees and forest ecology. I captured that moment on camera the day I discovered it, however My photos were too large to upload, if you are interested in viewing them please email me at Also if you are interested in viewing my everyday nature photography please feel free to follow my instagram account Katiegale42 (Photo by KatieGale42 added by TWS Staff)