The Ansel Adams Wilderness: Photography book showcases Adams' enduring legacy

Most people know Ansel Adams as one of photography's greatest practitioners, but in addition to capturing wilderness on black and white, he also devoted much of his life to protecting it, serving as a Wilderness Society council member and supporter for more than four decades.

As a tribute to Adams, National Geographic and The Wilderness Society have teamed up to produce The Ansel Adams Wilderness. This book of exquisite photographs by esteemed photographer Peter Essick takes readers on a journey through the California Sierra Nevada wilderness that inspired Adams' iconic photographs.

Set to coincide with the 50th anniversary year of the Wilderness Act, the book celebrates the Ansel Adams Wilderness and the deep connection Americans have with the wild. Wilderness Society President Jamie Williams provides the foreword.

Like Adams, Essick conveys the beauty of nature with large format photos of in every season and every time of day. Below are just a few examples of some of the beauty captured in the Ansel Adams Wilderness book. 


Photography from The Ansel Adams Wilderness

All photos by Peter Essick

Aspens Parker Creek

Parker Creek flows past aspens shimmering in the October afternoon light. 


Afternoon light below Dana Lake

The sun sets over Dana Lake’s outflow waters in the Ansel Adams Wilderness region of California. 


Sleet near Parker Lake

Sleet from an October storm blankets aspen trees near Parker Lake.


Pond Near Rush Creek

Grasses fill a small pond near Rush Creek in the Ansel Adams Wilderness region of California.


Young Aspens near Parker Lake

Young aspen trees sprout in a meadow near Parker Lake.


Wind at Dana Lake

A strong summer wind makes whitecaps on Dana Lake.


Pine seedling, Summit Lake

Blowing snow surrounds a pine seedling near Summit Lake in the Ansel Adams Wilderness region of California.


Aspen near Parker Lake

Golden autumn leaves surround an old aspen tree near Parker Lake.


Cabin Lake

Reflections break the dawn’s stillness on a corner of Cabin Lake in the Ansel Adams Wilderness. 


About Peter Essick, Book Photographer and Spokesman

Peter Essick is a top National Geographic magazine photographer, named by Outdoor Photography magazine as one of the world’s 40 most influential nature photographers. His focus for the past two decades has been to document human impact on development and the enduring power of the land. Essick’s images have been exhibited worldwide, and he has won numerous awards.

Want more Ansel Adams? Visit the Ansel Adams Collection at The Wilderness Society's headquarters in Washington D.C.