Ask President Obama to re-affirm his commitment to wildlands

The next year could be a critical one for some of America’s most beloved natural places.

With the election behind us, it’s time to work together and protect our great outdoors. With leadership and bold action from President Obama, we can overcome the congressional gridlock to ensure that our iconic wild places are protected.

We are nearing the end of what could be the worst Congress for wilderness protection since 1966. The next Congress may be no better.

President Obama’s leadership is critical. Please join us in urging Obama to re-affirm his commitment to public lands and to protecting America’s Wilderness.

Take action –  Urge President Obama to protect America’s wilderness.

Specifically, there are a number of extraordinary places that deserve permanent protection – and we are looking for Obama’s leadership to make sure that happens.

During his second term, we are asking President Obama to:

  • Protect iconic landscapes, including:
    • High Peaks in Western Maine
    • Organ Mountains – Desert Peaks, New Mexico
  • Protect one of our nation’s last great wild frontiers by granting special protective status to critical areas in Alaska's western Arctic, also known as the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska.
  • Guide energy development, including oil, natural gas, solar and wind, away from sensitive areas on public lands.
  • Work with and urge Congress to pass numerous pieces of legislation that would designate wilderness for deserving areas across the country.

Second terms are traditionally when presidents begins to think about their legacies. We can think of no more important legacy than defending and expanding the network of parks, refuges and public lands that keep the wonders of nature in our children’s lives.

Please join us in asking President Obama to re-affirm his commitment to wildlands.


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