Badger-Two Medicine: Work we are doing

Badger-Two Medicine (MT)
The Wilderness Society has a long-standing commitment and an impressive track record when it comes to working in this part of Montana.

Passing the Rocky Mountain Heritage Act

Through our work with ranchers, outfitter, guides, hunters and other conservation partners we helped secure the first federal legislation for Montana in over 30 years to add new Wilderness. 

The Rocky Mountain Front Heritage Act passed Congress in 2014 and includes National Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management lands immediately to the south of the Badger-Two Medicine. 

Supporting grassroots conservation efforts

For the past several years we have worked closely with the Blackfeet Tribe, residents who live near the Badger and Montanans from all walks of life to build support for ridding the Badger of these misbegotten energy leases. 

We have helped organize trips to Washington, DC for Blackfeet tribal members and conservation interests to meet with the Obama Administration to discuss options. We have also supported grassroots organizing on and off the Blackfeet Indian Reservation to encourage letters, petitions and testimony at key public meetings. 

We have helped with strategic planning and communications to ensure that the diverse voices of Montanans are heard above the general din of the political and legal wrangling that have allowed these leases to remain in the Badger for some thirty years. 


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