Betty White

Betty White first visited California’s Sierra Nevada mountains when she was four years old. That visit, and visits almost every year thereafter, made a lasting impression on her.

Betty White fell in love with wilderness at an early age. She was so taken by her Sierra Nevada family trips, that she began to track her years from summer-to-summer. When school would let out, she could enjoy adventuring in the wild mountains of California.

Find your “soul place”

Betty White says her happiest memories as a kid were packing into the beautiful high Sierra in California.

“It was as close to heaven as you can get on this Earth,” Betty said.

“To a lot of kids … you count Christmas to Christmas. Not to me. It was summer to summer until we could take off for those wonderful mountain vacations.”

Betty’s not the only person whose childhood exposure to wilderness blossomed into a lifelong love for the wild.

“I’m not the only one. We all have places like that,” said Betty. “And I’m so grateful to The Wilderness Society for letting us know that that place will be there for us.”

Betty’s trips into Rae Lakes in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains made her a life-long conservationist. In fact, she has supported The Wilderness Society for more than 30 years. Betty credits The Wilderness Society for helping to protect Rae Lakes — an area she calls her “soul place.”

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