BLM Action Center Resources

The BLM Action Center Resource Library provides accessible information about our public lands.

Find maps, fact sheets, technical comments, training material and many other documents to help you be an effective advocate for our public lands.


Participating in BLM Planning

A User's Guide to BLM Policy on Lands with Wilderness Characteristics

Flowchart of the BLM Oil and Gas Leasing Process

Flowchart of the BLM Resource Management Planning Process

Reference Guide to the BLM Planning Process

Glossary of BLM Planning Terms and Acronyms

Public Notification of Plans and Projects Affecting Our Public Lands

Substantive Comments: Effective Engagement in BLM Planning

A Guide to Citizen-Proposed Recreation Management Areas

Fact Sheets on BLM Lands and Policies

Landscape-scale Mitigation Policies and Public Lands

BLM Guidance for Wilderness Study Areas: Comparing the Interim Management Policy with Manual 6330

BLM's New Oil and Gas Leasing Process

Visual Resource Management

Governor's Consistency Review

GIS Analysis of Technically Recoverable Natural Gas and Oil from Challenged Utah Leases

Designation of Energy Corridors under the Energy Policy Act of 2005

West-Wide Energy Corridors: Key Points and Overview

Wild & Scenic Rivers: Protection through BLM's Land Use Planning Process

BLM Wind Energy Development Instruction Memorandum: Key Points

The Facts About "No More Wilderness"

Science and Research 

Area of Critical Environmental Concern Nominations: Royal Gorge Field Office

Designating Wildlife Corridors on the Public Lands: Protection through BLM's Land Use Planning Process

Analysis of Habitat Fragmentation from Oil and Gas Development and its Impacts on Wildlife

The Carrizo Plain National Monument: A Stunning Natural Area Sustaining Vibrant Communities

Habitat Fragmentation from Roads: Travel Planning Methods to Safeguard BLM Lands

Ecological Effects of a Travel Network on Wildlife: A Spatial Analysis of the Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument

Protecting Northern Arizona's National Monuments: The Challenge of Transportation Management

Fragmenting Our Lands: The Ecological Footprint from Oil and Gas Development

Natural Dividends: Wildland Protection and the Changing Economy of the Rocky Mountain West

Wildlife at a Crossroads: Energy Development in Western Wyoming

Drilling in the Rocky Mountains: How Much and at What Cost?


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