Bodie Hills

Photo by Bob Wick, Bureau of Land Management
A vignette of the old west, the Bodie Hills are known for its namesake ghost town, wildflower-covered hills, Sierra views and antelope on high windswept plateaus.

Bodie Hills' fragile wildlands need protection. This spectacular place faces an uncertain future due to potential mining. With permanent protection, this beautiful area can be enjoyed by future generations.

Beauty from the past

A visit to Bodie Hills is a trip back to the old west. The famous Bodie ghost town is frozen in time. Pronghorn antelope race across hillsides and Sierra vistas span the entire horizon. This place also boasts:

  • Aspen groves
  • Ephemeral lakes on high plateaus
  • Greater sage-grouse
  • Wildflower meadows

Bodie Hills attracts hikers, campers, bikers, bird watchers and others who want to explore these special public lands.

A hazy future

A recent interest in gold mining could forever damage wild lands, wildlife and recreation at Bodie Hills. These lands lack permanent protection, so a 2012 bill in Congress could open it to development.

Partners in protecting Bodie Hills

The Wilderness Society is one of the members of the Bodie Hills Conservation Partnership. This group works to keep this American treasure preserved and open for tourism, outdoor recreation, ranching and wildlife.

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