Book of Remembrance

We would like to recognize dedicated members who included The Wilderness Society in their estate plans.

The Wilderness Society is honored by those who made a difference in protecting our wild lands through their estate plans. The individuals listed here professed their love of wilderness, the habitat that it provides for wildlife and a determination to preserve them for future generations.

We are forever grateful for their generous legacies and privileged to share them with visitors.

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Mary G. Adams

Mary P. Aiken

Sophie C. Aksel

T. Gary Allen

Louise F. Allweiss

Olive S. Andrews

Marion M. Archea

Masha Arms

Adelle A. Arva

J. Herman Ast

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Stephen S. Babson

Jan P. Balut

Esther M. Barlow

Rosemary Barnd

Sylvia E. Barr

Robert Bart

Erminnie H. Bartelmez

Thelma P. Bates

Belcher Family Trust

Catharine J. Bell

Dorothy W. Bell

Gloria T. Bernath

Mary J. Better

L. Edward Bevins

Florence Bisenius

Sara Blackwell

Roberta J. Blair

Barbara I. Blake

Douglas R. Bolton

Gilbert Bovet

Nancy A. Bower

Carl M. Boyd

Martin Brandeis

Delores G. Brenna

Helen Abel Brown

Wilma A. Buchman

Alan C. Buechner

Ernest L. Bullock

Claude P. Burt

Dr. David A. Burton

Marguerite Emily Cynthia Butler

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Jeannette A. Cabeen

Christopher W. Canino

Ruth E. Capper

Mrs. John Case

Dale H. Champion

Neal T. Childs

Josephine E. Ciak

Lucila Clavijo

Katherine R. Clement

Helen S. Coes

Jeannette C. Cohen

Robert C. Comstock

Melisande Congdon-Doyle

Mrs. Edwin G. Crocker

Ms. Joan Curry

Edward Curtis

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Jane D'Alessandro

Shirley Dalrymple

Dorothy M. Davis

Opal W. Davis

Dr. A. J. DeArmond

Robert D. Deets

Edward H. Defandorf

Florence Dougherty

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Martha B. Eaton

Francis G. Ebel

Ernest P. Edwards

Susan Egnew

Carl Elling

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Paul Fabricant

Eleanor S. Fenton

Mary B. Fish

Ruth W. Fiske

JoAnn W. Flock

Susana Cox Fousekis

Margaret H. Fox

Judith B. Frankel

Dorothy A. Franklin

Melvin H. Friedman

Charles A. Fritz, Jr.

Helen M. Fruth

Arthur Frye

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Jean D. Galkin

Doris C. Gally

Ethel F. Gardner

Ruth H. Geffers

George W. Geiger

Gen. James W. Gerard

Dorothy T. Geyer

Suzanne Gilbert

Bruce J. Gillam

Ann M. Gilpin

Shirley S. Gingerich

Barbara K. Girdler

Everett Goudy

George H. Gough

Orville P. Gould

George A. Graham, Jr.

Marie E. Greubel

Thomas A. Griffin

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Rita N. Hansen

Sylvia L. Harrup

Faye L. Hart

Dr. Stephen A. Hegedus

Louise Heinzeroth

Gale P. Henning

Dr. Joseph Q. Heplar

Marvelle A. Herbster

Ouida M. Hill

Swananoa P. Hill

Joy R. Hilliard

Florence M. Hoehne

Ralph Hollander

Doris M. Holm

Natalie  A. Hopkins

Geza G. Horvath

Bruce and Kathlyn Hotek

Viola D. Hovsepian

Anabelle Howard

Estelle M. Howe

Marjorie A. Hughes

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Eleanor A. Imrie

Carol Inberg

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Christine E. Jacobs

Evelyn Jacobsen

Louis B. Jacobson

Janice K. Janky

Betty L. Johnson

Judith C. Johnson

Nadine E. Johnson

Ruby E. Jonas

Clark H. and Marjorie Jones

Mary L. Jones

Midge E. Jordan

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Lisa E. Kellogg

Florence S. Kennedy

Dian Kent

Karl W. Kenyon

Catharine S. Kidd

Nellie R. Kingsland

Grace C. Kirshner

William L. Kline

Alfred H. Korn

Ruth Kueser

S. Marie Kuhnen

Harriet J. Kupferer

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Elizabeth Lay

Leslie M. Leonelli

Edwin P. Lepper

Frances Leventritt

Mary Levy

Robert Linden

Guy F. Lipscomb

M. H. Lock

Miriam Lukens

Elizabeth T. Lunn

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Marianne Marks

Marie E.S.A. Markus

John I. Martin

Jean Maxwell

Helen C. McCabe

Melanie S. McCray

Mildred L. McEntire

Robert A. McFann

Charles and Colette McGarvie

David McGlauchlin

Vera S. McGonigle

Marjory McKinley

Marvin L. McKinley

Elise R. Meehan

Gerald C. Mersereau

John D. Moore

Daniel D. Morrill

Margaret E. Mulac

Janet Myers

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Joseph H. Nathan

Dorothy P. Nelson

Herbert J. Nelson

Helen W. Newman

Edna S. Newnan

Victor Norman

Spaulding A. Norris

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Donald J. Obee

Ernest C. Oberholtzer

Robert C. Olson

Dr. William R. Orwen

Vincent P. Osekoski

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Clarence James Palen

G. Pauline Parker

Mary Jane Parker

Thomas D. Parker

Nevelyn Patton

Pamela K. Pedrucci

Dr. George M. Peterson

Donald C. Phillips

Patricia E. Piepho

Dorothy Pitsch

Carl W. Poch

Barbara A. Powell

George W. Pratt

Patricia Pratt

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Rose Randell

Barbara J. Raskin

Sally Reahard

Harry D. Reber, Jr.

Bonnie M. Rhodes

Doris R. Richardson

Frances M. Richardson

Ruth T. Riford

Marion S. Rocker

Carlos A. Rodriguez

Francis B. Rosevear

Warren H. Rote

Hazel Roy

Vivian K. Ryan

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Ruth M. Sampson

Irv J. Sandorf

Gertrude J. Sandt

Philip L. Sanford

Chester Sausaman

Gertrude Schaefer-Simmern

Lylah M. Schieck

James Schofield

Edna Scoppa

Cheryl Scott

Faith A. Searle

Roberta Semonian

Harvey Shapiro

Lois J. Smith

Elisabeth Sonntag

Walter E. Southwick

Alice L. Spengler

Mary D. St. Marie

Pearl Starbird

Mary P. Stegner

Doris Stern

Veda Stern

Mary I. Stevenson

Rebecca B. Stickney

Hope P. Stokes

Barbara A. Stott

Louise C. Strauss

Malia Stromquist

Mary Elizabeth Struble

Ruth Struble

Mary O. Su

Culbreth Sudler, Jr.

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Curtis C. Tausch

Robert C. Taylor

Maja Teufer

Marguerite E. Thompson

Colette S. Thorndike

Phyllis Thorsen

John B. Thune

Richard C. Timm

George Tinsley

Judith A. Tintera

Helen L. Titus

Nelle Tobias

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Louis Ulrich

E. Charles Uphoff

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Marjorie Van Arsdale

Ward M. Vanderpool

Artemis Vardakis

Joseph R. Vergara

Catherine V. von Schon

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Viola M. Walkenhorst

Janet W. Warner

Aileen Watson

Margie D. Watt

Dorothy B. Webber

Raymond D. Weeter

Alma Weisberg

Marion O. Westover

Bruce Wetmore

Josefine M. Whaley

Dr. George B. Whatley

Winifred S. White

Muriel S. Wiessner

Reamer W. Wigle

Alice L. Williams

Ralph Williams

Annie B. Willie

Elinor K. Willis

Viola H. Winder

Everett W. Wood

Martha J. Workman

William S. Wright

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Katherine Yandell

Mary Emma R. Yates

Arleigh Yewchan

Doris S. Young

Patricia C. Youngman

Phyllis Yuhas

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Dolores M. Zafke

Henry Zimpelmann

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