Case Studies and Stories

Montana Ranch
Montana is filled with examples of people finding ways to address climate change — both individually and with their neighbors and co-workers.

While scholars and agencies work to learn more about how climate change affects forests, fish and wildlife species, some community organizations find their own ways to adapt and ensure the Crown can adjust to changing conditions.

Addressing drought

The Blackfoot Challenge has worked with ranchers to create response plans for an age-old problem likely to become more challenging in a warmer climate: drought. Their plan finds ways to reduce water use and distribute water from the Blackfoot River more equitably during severe droughts.

Saving native fish

Higher water temperatures help invading lake trout outcompete the native bull trout in Swan Lake. But the Swan Valley Bull Trout Working Group won’t have it. The group has netted and removed more than 10,000 non-native lake trout since their project began several years ago.

Detection dogs root out invaders

Invasive weeds are becoming a bigger problem as climate change makes it even easier for them to spread across the Crown.  Specially trained dogs are now being used to sniff out pesky invaders before they can spread. Montana’s Working Dogs for Conservation is a group making a positive difference by finding new, creative jobs for man’s best friend.


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