Forest Plan Revisions

Hells Canyon
Until recently, the U.S. Forest Service operated under an outdated forest planning rule. The Obama administration is revising the planning rule to modernize our forest management.

Created in 1982, the outdated forest planning rule fails to address critical modern issues like sustainable recreation, conservation biology and climate change. The forest plan revisions will ensure that our forests are able to handle 21st century challenges.

The Obama administration has taken many steps to implement its forest plan revisions. The administration will establish a national advisory committee that will work with the administration to guide the rule’s early implementation. In May 2012, the administration asked the public to comment on its upcoming interim policy directives, or formal documents that provide detailed guidance to field managers on how to implement the new rule.

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Seven pilot projects

The administration also identified seven pilot national forests where the Forest Service will test the new rule.The policies and practices established in the seven pilot national forests will serve as templates for America’s other 147 national forests. The seven forests are:

  1. The Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forest in Idaho
  2. The Chugach National Forest in Alaska
  3. The Cibola National Forest in New Mexico
  4. El Yunque National Forest in Puerto Rico
  5. Inyo National Forest in California
  6. Sequoia National Forest in California
  7. Sierra National Forest in California

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