Tips for Wild Adventures

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Jeff Fox
Outdoor recreation, from whitewater kayaking to mountain climbing, can thrill and challenge you. Learn to protect wilderness while you make the most of your outdoor adventures.

Every outdoor recreation activity has its time and place. Gaining knowledge about the impact of your outdoor recreation choices will help you enjoy wild adventures while protecting wilderness.                      


Skiing offers the perfect way to enjoy gorgeous scenery and work out underused winter muscles.

But downhill skiing, with its motorized lifts and the large footprint of mountainside resorts, can take its toll on the environment. Learn how to be a "green" skier:

  • Choose an environmentally friendly ski area. The best ones protect wildlife habitat, manage water runoff and conserve energy.
  • Purchase used or sustainable gear, like skiis made with bamboo cores or Forest Service Council-certified wood.
  • Obey posted trails. Areas marked off-limits may be important for protecting wildlife or plants.

Following these guidelines will help minimize the impact of your ski vacation.

Water sports

Water sports like rafting and kayaking can be exciting and often have low impact on the environment. Follow these guidelines to maintain water quality for wildlife and communities.

  • Bathroom activities should be conducted out of the water and preferably 200 feet away from it.
  • Try to take watercraft in and out only at designated launch areas.
  • If you wash dishes or yourself, be sure to use eco-friendly soap and dispose of dirty dishwater away from the body of water.


For the true adventurer, scaling rocks and mountains offers an exhilarating way to experience wilderness.

  • Do not chip at rocks. They may look tough, but even small intrusions can cause big erosion problems.
  • Follow park policies on adding bolts and anchors to rocks and use existing ones or other climbing methods when possible.
  • Volunteer to maintain and preserve climbing areas.

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