Jeremy Jones

Jeremy Jones
Dan Milner
Exploring wilderness starts with strapping on a snowboard in California’s Sierra Nevada.

For Jeremy Jones, one of the most accomplished adventure athletes in the world, wilderness is a set for making action films and a place to protect. Follow Jeremy up and down California’s wildest peaks.

Professional snowboarder Jeremy Jones continues to revolutionize his sport by exploring some of the world's most remote mountain terrain. He uses snowboarding to raise awareness about climate change and the need to protect America’s wildest places—like California’s Sierra Nevada.

“It’s where I go to get away from the chaos of everyday life,” says Jones, who lives in Truckee, California. What for Jones is a relaxing day in the mountains is often much more than the average skier or snowboarder can handle.

Few other athletes have done more to promote conservation through action sports.

Check out this exclusive video produced by Teton Gravity Research—and then go find your wilderness this winter.

Jones likes to “boot up” a 2,000-foot vertical chute and “shred 5,000 feet back down to the trailhead.” He is drawn to wilderness areas in the Sierra Nevada because there are “no signs of mankind and it’s a real intimate relationship with the mountains. And it’s a full immersion into this other world.”

"The winter wilderness experience is the purest wilderness experience I get.” —Jeremy Jones, pro snowboarder and wilderness advocate

More about Jeremy Jones and wilderness

Jeremy didn’t start off riding in remote wilderness areas. Instead, he made some of his earliest turns on snow covered golf courses in New England where he grew up with his two older brothers, Todd and Steve.

All three Jones boys wound up in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, where Todd and Steve co-founded the award-winning action sports film company Teton Gravity Research along with a couple of other collaborators. Jeremy moved on to Lake Tahoe and today the three are in the middle of producing a trilogy of ground-breaking snowboard films: “Deeper,” “Further” and the next in line for production, “Higher.”

In “Further,” which is now on tour to theaters across the country, Jeremy leads a team of conservation-minded riders into wilderness areas in Alaska and California’s Sierra Nevada.

“Snowboarding is an incredible tool to experience wilderness,” says Jones, whose films spotlight human-powered wilderness expeditions. “It’s a really effective way to travel through the mountains—both going up and the joy of flying down.”

Jeremy’s favorite wilderness: California’s Sierra Nevada

Living near Lake Tahoe provides many jumping off points for Jones to explore Desolation Wilderness, Granite Chief Wilderness and others in California. Jones says it’s amazing to have so much wilderness “book-ended by San Francisco and Los Angeles.” And he hopes his ongoing film work will help protect more. 

Help protect California and the Sierra Nevada.

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