Letter from Tom Barron

Read why Tom Barron offers a scholarship in honor of his mother, Gloria Barron, a dedicated educator and wilderness protection advocate:

Dear applicant:

To think like a mountain, as one of the founders of the Wilderness Society, Aldo Leopold, urged, is to take the long view of life on earth. To see the forests, air, water and other species of this planet as permanent parts of ourselves. For our well-being is unalterably tied to the well-being of the planet, just as human history is unalterably tied to geologic history.

This attitude guided my mother, Gloria Barron, throughout her long life. As a conservationist, teacher, civic volunteer, parent and lifelong learner, she walked lightly on the land and encouraged others to do so. That is why I created the Gloria Barron Wilderness Society Scholarship — to honor this inspiring conservationist and to support conservation leaders of the future.

The goal of this scholarship is — like the goal of The Wilderness Society — both bold and simple. While the Society seeks to protect America's wilderness forever, the scholarship hopes to encourage some of our nation's best conservationists at a crucial point in their careers. We want nothing less than to identify, support, and honor the future Aldo Leopolds in our midst — as well as future Rachel Carsons, Mardy Muries, John Muirs, Howard Zahnisers, Bob Marshalls, and Gaylord Nelsons.

Our nation needs such visionary, capable conservationists. So does our planet. For the ultimate key to our survival — spiritually as well as physically — is to think like a mountain.


T. A. Barron
December 2007

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