Magnificent Seven: The Mahoosucs

Reflection Pond from First Mountain Knoll in the Mahoosucs Region, New Hampshire
Larry Ely
The Mahoosucs, near the Maine and New Hampshire border, are a great place for paddling, hiking and enjoying the outdoors.

With deep forests, splashing waterfalls and easy access to the Appalachian Trail, the Mahoosucs are an outdoor wonderland. They are part of the Northern Forest landscape The Wilderness Society is working to protect.

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About the Mahoosucs

Nestled near Lake Umbagog National Wildlife Refuge and the White Mountain National Forest, near the Maine and New Hampshire border, the Mahoosucs are a real gem. Paddlers, hikers and outdoor enthusiasts visit the Mahoosucs for recreation of all kinds.

With deep forests, splashing waterfalls and easy access to the Appalachian Trail, the Mahoosucs are an outdoor wonderland.

However, unchecked logging and development threatens some of this majestic wild country. At Wilderness, we are making sure that local economic growth does not threaten the phenomenal environmental and recreational benefits of the Mahoosucs.

Threats to the Mahoosucs

Maine’s logging industry is vital to the health of the state. It provides jobs that bolster the local economy. However, logging and development often is done at the expense of vulnerable wildlands — leading to over-development of iconic places like the Mahoosucs.

Aggressive logging and development also overlooks the land's value as an important economic driver. The Mahoosucs, like most public land in the country, have enormous economic benefits through tourism and recreation.

Logging that focuses on smart and sustainable development reduces the impact on sensitive wildlands. At Wilderness, we're working to strike a balance so that both the local economy and the landscape can thrive.

Protecting the Mahoosucs

At Wilderness, we're working with local partners on-the-ground to ensure that the Mahoosucs are protected as a recreational hot spot for generations.

We are part of the Mahoosucs Initiative, which works to:

  • Identify the region’s most valuable assets
  • Track trends that are changing the region’s land and communities
  • Provide ideas for the future and support to make those ideas a reality

We hope that through this work, we can build a sustainable network of protected wildlands in the Mahoosucs that will support the local economy and protect the land for future generations.

You can help

You can help ensure that the Mahoosucs and the Magnificent Seven wildlands remain part of our natural heritage. Help save this iconic American landscape by making a donation today.

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