Management and Guidance

Ford Ord, California
Bob Wick, BLM
How the Bureau of Land Management manages our National Conservation Lands over the coming years will be just as important as was designating these places for protection in the first place.

The BLM now has official policy direction and a strategic plan in place to chart the course for addressing challenges to the Conservation Lands for the next 15 years. The BLM must now face implementing the strategic plan to create meaningful and lasting conservation gains.

The Wilderness Society has been leading an effort to promote the long term care and protection of the National Landscape Conservation System and to hold the BLM accountable to fully meeting the Conservation Lands official mission.

A vision for our Conservation Lands

We envision that by 2025, when we celebrate the 25th anniversary of the National Landscape Conservation System, the BLM will be managing a robust system of conservation lands where conservation is the top priority. In this vision, stressors such as off-road vehicles, energy development and noxious weeds are greatly reduced, thereby protecting and enhancing the land’s natural and cultural values, especially in the face of climate change. Our vision also includes fiscal health for the National Conservation Lands with leadership driving the science, policy and management.

Focused Management

To achieve this success by the 25th anniversary, the BLM needs to identify and embrace a vision for the National Landscape Conservation System that puts conservation at the core of every action it takes. Management of these lands would then focus on:

  • Minimal development on these lands, including visitor buildings and other structures
  • Minimal route networks
  • Being at the forefront of climate adaptation science and resource management

Americans who hike, hunt, float or ride in these natural wonders all benefit from solid leadership and management when it comes to our Conservation Lands.

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