National Forest Action Center

Stanis Laus National Forest, California
The Wilderness Society’s National Forest Action Center (the Center) dedicates resources to protect and conserve America’s national forests for future generations.

The Wilderness Society works with key partners to influence U.S. Forest Service planning processes and policies to ensure that our nation’s forests receive the protection and care they deserve.

How the center works

The Center participates in land management planning processes on national forests. Among other issues, the Center focuses on “rightsizing” the Forest Service’s road system and reducing damage from off-road vehicle use.

National advocacy and leadership

The National Forest Action Center works with partners to analyze and reform forest policy. We bring examples of working solutions to the table to incorporate them into new policies and practices.

Information clearinghouse

The National Forest Action Center serves as a clearinghouse for Forest Service planning-related information. This includes:

  • Status of and information about forest plans across the country
  • Good and bad examples of agency practices

Technical assistance and training

Forest planning processes can be complicated, confusing and cumbersome. The National Forest Acton Center works with local partners to navigate the forest planning process by:

  • Providing legal and policy assistance
  • Providing training
  • Sharing examples of successful planning methods
  • Drafting and reviewing comments to government agencies
  • Coordinating with scientists, experts and allies
  • Developing factsheets

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