Oil and Gas

North Park Phacelia habitat
USFWS Mountain Prairie-Flickr
The Colorado Plateau has a long history of oil and gas drilling. Today there are increased pressures to open up new wild areas for drilling.

The Wilderness Society is working with the Bureau of Land Management to make sure that oil and gas drilling stays out of wild places and remains in areas where there are fewer conflicts with nature.

Many of the federally owned wild lands on the Colorado Plateau are managed by the Bureau of Land Management. One of the responsibilities of the BLM is to oversee oil and gas drilling.

We work with the BLM to try to keep drilling out of the wildest places. Some of the areas we are trying to keep safe from oil and gas drilling in the Colorado Plateau include Desolation Canyon and lands surrounding Dinosaur National Monument. Areas that are home to the iconic greater sage-grouse are especially important as their habitat continues to be threatened by oil and gas drilling. 

We also ask our members and supporters to weigh in during public comment periods. Public comment periods are when the BLM solicits feedback from the public on a proposed action. Some of the most common comment periods are on Master Leasing Plans and Regional Management Plans. These are the plans that the BLM draws up to decide where oil and gas leasing will take place and where it won’t. Whether it is opening an area to drilling or keeping it off limits, the BLM usually wants feedback.
















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