Bighorn Sheep: Our Partners

dall sheep ram
William C. Gladish
The Wilderness Society is working with sportsmen and tribal members to save bighorn sheep populations from disease and mismanagement.

Many westerners have a stake in the health of Idaho’s wild bighorn sheep. They are a popular tourist attraction, a big game species for sportsmen and an important animal for tribal members. We are working together to advocate for healthy bighorn sheep populations. 

Bringing advocates together

We helped organize the Bighorn Advocate Coalition to amend the Payette National Forest plan for the protection of bighorn sheep. The coalition includes diverse partners ranging from Indian tribes, local citizens, hunters, anglers and other conservation organizations.

Stopping attacks by Congress

Congress is currently attacking bighorn sheep by preventing the Forest Service from relocating disease carrying domestic sheep. We are coordinating diverse groups of sportsmen and tribal members to push back on these damaging laws.

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