Clearwater Basin: Our Partners

Lochsa River
Forest Service Northern Region-Flickr
The Wilderness Society partners with local communities, public agencies, elected officials and other organizations to promote healthy habitat for wildlife and native plants.

We are part of the Clearwater Basin Collaborative, a group of:

  • Local officials
  • Timber companies
  • Native tribal members
  • Sportsmen
  • Motorized recreation groups
  • Conservation organizations

Together, we work to resolve land management issues and restore habitat, while creating jobs for local communities.

Our projects include:

Selway-Middle Fork

The Wilderness Society is helping lead the Selway-Middle Fork restoration project to improve 1.4 million acres of natural habitat. The Selway-Middle Fork is nationally renowned for its pristine water, native fisheries, valued big-game species and scenic vistas.

Clearwater Basin

We helped develop a proposal that permanently protects 500,000 acres of Clearwater Basin land by designating the majority of this land as wilderness. The proposal also protects 177 miles of streams under the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act.

We are also helping develop a proposal to establish a National Recreation Area that protects the majority of pristine lands within the Clearwater Basin.

Clear Creek

We are working on the Clear Creek Integrated Restoration Project to implement more ecosystem recovery projects.

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