Gallatin Range: Our Partners

Over the Gallatin Range, Montana
The Wilderness Society is working with diverse groups to create a community vision for the Gallatin that marries permanent protection and recreational opportunity.

The Gallatin Range is a valuable resource but is in danger of being “loved to death.” We are bringing together diverse interests to create a shared vision that will allow recreation, preserve wildlife habitat and create strong permanent wilderness protections.

Our partners include:

Recreational users

We are working with hikers, mountain bikers, hunters, equestrians, skiers and off-road vehicle riders to create more recreational opportunities close to urban areas and create stronger permanent wilderness protections for the more remote wild lands.

University of Montana’s Wilderness Institute

We are working with the Institute on the Gallatin Range Citizen Monitoring Project, which puts volunteer citizen scientists in the wilderness study area to document wildlife and recreational use of the area.

Wilderness and Recreation Partnership (WRP)

This group was formed by mountain bikers and wilderness advocates who felt more could be accomplished in the Gallatin Range by working together. Mountain bikers are the fastest growing group of recreationists in the region. We helped WRP secure funding to improve a popular local biking trail and will continue to find ways to improve quiet trails and preserve the more sensitive backcountry areas.

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