Methow Valley: Our Partners

At Wilderness, our diverse partnerships are what make our Methow Valley work successful.

We accomplish much more in the Methow Valley corridor with the combined energy and resources of our partners.

U.S. Forest Service

The United States Forest Service is an agency of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. This agency is responsible for management of public lands in national forests and grasslands.

Yakama Nation

The Yakama Nation is restoring habitat for endangered spring Chinook salmon and steelhead populations in the Methow Valley and elsewhere in the Upper Columbia River Basin. In the Methow Valley, activities range from detailed studies of stream conditions to on-the-ground restoration projects. In 2010, the Yakama Nation partnered with the Forest Service to stop erosion from a road that was degrading fish habitat in the Chewuch River, a major tributary of the Methow River. 

Upper Columbia Salmon Recovery Board

The Upper Columbia Salmon Recovery Board’s mission is to “restore viable and sustainable populations of salmon, steelhead and other at-risk species through collaborative, economically sensitive efforts, combined resources and wise resource management of the Upper Columbia region.” Comprised of representatives from three counties, the Yakama Nation and Colville Confederated Tribes, the Board coordinates all aspects of salmon recovery in this area.

Methow Valley Sport Trails Association

The Methow Valley Sport Trails Association is committed to developing and encouraging environmentally sound recreation on or near the trails in the Methow Valley. MVSTA has worked tirelessly to develop one of the country’s largest and finest network of trails for Nordic skiing, hiking and mountain biking.

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