Northwestern Crown: Our Partners

International League of Conservation photographers
We are one of many partners in the Northwestern Crown working to provide a robust future for wild rivers, wildlands and sustainable local economies.

At one time, small businesses opposed promoting wild places like Glacier National Park. That attitude has changed, as the link between protected wildlands and sustainable local economies becomes increasingly clearer every year.

North Fork of the Flathead River partners

The local Chamber of Commerce, the city of Whitefish, Montana, conservation groups and river guides understand the value of clean water. That’s why they have united to ensure the free-flowing North Fork of the Flathead River remains unharmed by energy development and pollution.

Whitefish Range partners

We have started a new partnership to address restoration needs in the Whitefish Range and protect some of the wildest places in the Northwestern Crown. We are bringing lessons learned in the Southwestern Crown to bear in this equally important area.

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