Rio Grande Del Norte: Our Partners

Rio Grande
Corey Leopold
The Wilderness Society is working with partners on the ground to protect Rio Grande del Norte in northern New Mexico. People from across New Mexico have come together to preserve this special place for future generations.

The Rio Grande del Norte area boasts incredible wildlife and vistas, including the famous Rio Grande Gorge and Ute Mountain. Yet, today it remains vulnerable to development and other threats.

The Wilderness Society’s campaign to protect this remarkable landscape in northern New Mexico has involved years of work cultivating partnerships with the traditional communities who take pride in their natural heritage and want to protect their cherished values of land stewardship for future generations.

The Wilderness Society has played a leadership role in this conservation effort, in partnership with:

  • The New Mexico Wilderness Alliance
  • San Antonio del Rio Colorado Land Grant
  • The village of Questa
  • New Mexico Wildlife Federation
  • Hundreds of local businesses
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • Other local organizations

Protecting these treasured wild lands will benefit the northern New Mexico communities that have enjoyed these lands for generations.

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