Southwestern Crown: Our Partners

North Fork Blackfoot Montana
George Wuerther
Our partners in the Southwestern Crown have deep connections with the landscape and work together to advance conservation.

Conservation work in the Southwestern Crown relies on building trust among diverse partners. At Wilderness, we have nurtured a culture of cooperation among neighbors and new allies. We work with timber workers, ranchers and conservationists to find solutions appropriate for both communities and wildlands.

Southwestern Crown Collaborative

To restore forest health and create economic opportunity, we helped convene the Southwestern Crown Collaborative. This group now uses its collective expertise to bring much needed funding to improve a badly degraded area. 

Montana Forest Restoration Committee

We are a founding member of the Montana Forest Restoration Committee, which created 13 science-based principles to help restore forests. These principles enable timber partners, biologists and land managers to move good projects forward in the area. 

Blackfoot-Clearwater Partnership

Protecting wild places in the Southwestern Crown can only be achieved by engaging diverse partners. The Wilderness Society was at the ground-floor of the diverse Blackfoot-Clearwater Partnership that expanded the Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex in two important watersheds.  

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