Wyoming Range: Our Partners

Wyoming Range
At Wilderness, we are part of a diverse coalition that is working to protect the Wyoming Range against oil and gas development.

The Wilderness Society has been working with a coalition of local partners to protect the Wyoming Range from increased oil and gas drilling and its adverse effects.

We spearheaded a successful campaign to pass the 2009 Wyoming Range Legacy Act, which now permanently protects 1.2 million acres of sensitive national forest lands from future oil and gas leasing.

Our local coalition has been successful in helping ensure balanced development of wildlands in the Wyoming Range. We work to:

  • Encourage leaseholders and the U.S. Forest Service to retire grandfathered oil and gas leases so the Wyoming Range can be permanently protected
  • Support the best practices and technologies to minimize the impacts of drilling on wildlands and to steer drilling away from the most sensitive wildlands
  • Protect our clean air, water and world-class wildlife
  • Support a diversified economy and high quality of life for visitors and residents alike

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