Pledge story: Lynn Donaldson

David Madison
An everyday mom with a penchant for out-of-the-way places

Discover why Montana photographer Lynn Donaldson relies on wilderness as a parent and “professional tumbleweed.” She specializes in photographing communities surrounded and shaped by wild places, and she wants her kids to grow up as “little Tom Sawyers.”

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Lynn Donaldson is a fourth generation Montana farm girl raised on the land her great-grandparents homesteaded. She loves wide-open spaces, truckin’ songs and huckleberry pie. 

Lynn works as a freelance photographer, and her photos make it clear that she’s partial to gravel roads, Tammy Wynette and farm-fresh everything.

“I love my job and feel like a professional tumbleweed,” says the mother of three who lives in Livingston.“I couldn't do my job or raise the kind of kids I want to raise without wild places.”

Lynn says the people and communities she photographs “are shaped by the wilderness that often starts at the edge of town.”

After a long road trip and work week filled with hectic deadlines, Lynn likes to retreat to the Gallatin National Forest near her home. She takes he kids sledding up Mill Creek and hikes with friends in areas The Wilderness Society is working to protect along the Gallatin Crest.

“I need wild places,” says Lynn. “I couldn’t live my life without them.”

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