Polly's Story

Polly Mahoney and Kevin Slater
One master dogsled guide finds her balance by spending time in the wild northern forests of Maine.

Polly Mahoney is a master dogsled guide in the northern forests of Maine. She takes tourists on mushing and other adventures through the wild lands and rivers of Maine. She and her partner Kevin Slater have operated Mahoosuc Guide Service for more than 23 years.

A lifelong relationship with the outdoors

Polly Mahoney grew up in Maine and spent a decade in Alaska and Canada driving dogsleds and canoeing rivers and lakes. She spent a few years working for Outward Bound in Minnesota and Maine before returning back home to settle down.

“I grew up in Maine and have always loved spending time in the outdoors,” Polly says. “We were raised playing in the woods and fields of rural Maine, and lived on a lake where we swam and boated.”

She was also a competitive horseback rider in her youth, often riding through the woods and jumping over logs and stone walls. “Spending time in the outdoors was always a way to keep a good balance in my life,” she recalls.

Wild and vital

Wilderness is such a big part of Polly’s life that she says losing her favorite lands would be devastating. “I wouldn¹t be able to make a living as I do now without wilderness, so it is very important to me. It is my sanity and gives me such peace and pleasure,” she adds.

“Spending time in the outdoors was always a way to keep a good balance in my life.”

“I like being outside in whatever weather is happening,” Polly says. “A day without being outside feels like a missed day of life.”

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