National Recreation Area

The Wilderness Society is working to build support for a National Recreation Area in the San Gabriel Mountains.

We are working with our San Gabriel Mountains Forever partners to improve visitor services and increase healthy outdoor recreation in one of the most popular national forests.

Recreation for millions

The San Gabriel Mountains encompass two of the nation’s most popular national forests, which provide recreation to millions of people every year. We lead the partnership San Gabriel Mountains Forever in building support for a National Recreation Area that will include:

  • The entire Angeles National Forest.
  • Lower urban areas of the San Gabriel River.
  • The Puente Hill-Chino Hills.

Benefits of wilderness

With millions of annual visitors, the Angeles National Forest is already a popular outdoor destination for Southern Californians. But this forest could be greatly improved with a National Recreation Area that would better meet the needs of the community by:            

  • Providing Los Angeles communities that have few parks with more green space.
  • Improving inadequate visitor services currently in the forest.
  • Increasing the number of rangers who provide education and maintenance.
  • Helping reduce high obesity and diabetes rates with more outdoor recreation opportunities.
  • Addressing trash, graffiti and water quality issues.
  • Adding multi-language and multi-cultural programs and information.

Our vision

For 10 years, our work has included conducting many public meetings, completing an extensive study by the National Park Service and building community and Congressional support. The process to create a National Recreation Area will eventually require a bill in Congress.


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