San Gabriel Wildlands

The Wilderness Society is leading a diverse partnership, San Gabriel Mountains Forever, to protect this rugged and often snow-capped range of pine forests, chaparral hills and clear rivers.

Protecting the wilderness and wild rivers in the San Gabriel Mountains above Los Angeles helps preserve clean water, fresh air, wildlife habitat and scenic recreation.

Protecting wilderness

We are working to protect additional wilderness in three existing wilderness areas:

  • Sheep Mountain is home to rare and endangered mountain yellow-legged frogs, Nelson’s bighorn sheep, and California spotted owls. We are working to protect over 26,000 more acres in this area including the upper slopes of L.A. County’s tallest peak Mt. Baldy and the popular canyons of the San Gabriel River.
  • Cucamonga is one of Southern California’s last remaining islands of subalpine wilderness, where huge sugar pine trees reach upward and Nelson’s bighorn sheep graze. We want this protected area to include about 5,000 more acres that span rugged slopes and canyons of the upper Lytle Creek watershed.
  • San Gabriel’s north-facing slopes include some of the area’s largest forests of big cone Douglas fir and live oaks. We are working to expand it by 5,000 acres including part of the San Gabriel River’s west fork, an important water source and home to rare native fish.

We are working to create two new wilderness areas:

  • Condor Peak
  • Castaic

Protecting wild rivers

Another goal of our partnership is to preserve the beauty and free-flowing condition of 44 miles of rivers and creeks in the Angeles and San Bernardino national forests. Wild and Scenic River protections would ensure that these streams remain wild:

  • East, West and North Forks of the San Gabriel River have rare and endangered fish populations. The west fork has a national bikeway, fishing platforms for disabled users and catch-and-release trout streams. We are working for protection of 34 miles of the largest watershed in the range, which is a source of drinking water for Los Angeles County.
  • San Antonio Creek is an impressive alpine canyon studded with big cone Douglas fir and leading to spectacular 75-foot San Antonio Falls. We want to preserve four miles of this creek.
  • Middle Fork Lytle Creek supports a naturally reproducing rainbow trout population that is popular with fishermen. We want to protect six miles of this creek, which provides access to the scenic Cucamonga Wilderness.


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