Scott's Story

Scott and Magda Kane
As a kid, Scott Kane found wilderness in the shrubs of his New Jersey backyard. But when he became an adult, Scott sought out wilderness on a larger scale, so he moved west.

As a resident of Lander, Wyoming, Scott Kane lives close to Yellowstone, the Wind River Range and the Tetons. “I consider all of those places my backyard – places that make up my extended home turf,” he says.

A wild backyard

In addition to exploring his new ‘backyard,’ Scott Kane enjoys taking camping trips with his wife and eight-year-old daughter to places like the canyons of southern Utah. “At this point in my life, the outdoors and family are closely connected,” Scott says. “Our time together in the mountains and canyons is a central feature of our lives together.”

Scott may not be able to enjoy wild areas every day, but he is comforted just knowing that wilderness is available. “The wild spaces in which I hike, ski, run, picnic, birdwatch, climb and camp have informed my values.  I value the recreation but there is something perhaps more universal,” he adds. “Ready access to those wild places keeps my fire for the natural world burning.”

A burning desire

Scott’s careers have been selected intentionally, ensuring that he can either spend his days outdoors or working to protect wild lands. For ten years, Scott brought young people out on wilderness expeditions with the National Outdoor Leadership School. “I have spent about 2500 nights in a sleeping bag,” he recalls. “Much of that time was deep in some of the finest wild country in the world. What great fortune I have had!”

When Scott decided to change careers, he wanted to be sure that he could continue to live in Wyoming. So he opened Creative Energies, a company that designs and installs solar and wind power systems in the region.

“I see climate change as the most pervasive threat to the wild places I love,” he explains. “Feeling a need to do something positive to help change our unfaltering path toward a warmer climate and degrading environment, I started a solar energy company to help people find alternatives to environmentally damaging conventional fuels.” 

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