Shawn Stewart

Seattle DJ Shawn Stewart happily lets her companion Charlie lead her into the wild.


Shawn Stewart — on-air personality — gets her wilderness on by hitting the trails in and around Seattle with her dog and best friend Charlie. Her passion for music is only rivaled by her enthusiasm for dogs and wild places.

Something was missing from Shawn Stewart’s hectic life in the Seattle music scene. “I just wasn’t getting out the way I used to,” she explains. She decided to rearrange her life so she could get outside more often and welcome a new companion: Charlie.

The rescue dog Shawn calls “the greatest in the world” soon led Shawn from her West Seattle home to Camp Long, a nearby park.

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Wilderness and pets

Shawn and Charlie routinely return to Camp Long and other wild places. Along the way, Shawn keeps finding more of what she was looking for: a marvelous companion who makes sure they both spend plenty of time outdoors.

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