T.A. Barron

For America’s wildest author of young adult fiction, wilderness is more than a passion -- it's an inspiration for his books.

Author T.A. Barron dreams up books about the magical ways wild places transform his characters. Barron believes wilderness and wild places have the power to teach and inspire us, in his home state of Colorado and beyond. That’s why he hopes readers today become conservation leaders tomorrow. 

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T.A. Barron's message to the young and old alike is that we need to defend wild places for future generations so that they, too, can be inspired.  


More about T.A. Barron and wilderness

As a writer, T.A. Barron says his main sources of inspiration are young people and wilderness.

"I write books first and foremost to give people a good, stirring read. But I also write books to wrestle with life's biggest questions, and to express my deepest passions and concerns—about the fragile beauty of the planet that sustains us, and about the miracle of our children and the value of their dreams," says Barron.

Barron, who also serves on the Governing Council of The Wilderness Society, is a highly acclaimed author with more than 20 young adult and nature books under his pen. He is perhaps known best for his adventure and fantasy books, including: The Merlin SagaLost Years of Merlin EpicGreat Tree of Avalon trilogy, and Adventures of Kate Trilogy, among others.  He has also written two wilderness books: To Walk in Wilderness and Rocky Mountain National Park -  A Hundred Year Perspective.

Barron's favorite wilderness: Colorado

Barron loves the high country of Colorado, including Rocky Mountain National Park, not far from his home in Boulder, Colorado. 

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