Top 10 wilderness tips

This wild advice is inspired by the first lady of comedy, Betty White.
  1. Remember, for dogs like Betty’s golden retriever Pontiac, hiking trails are “Boulevards of a Thousand Smells.” And your carpet at home will be too, depending on what your pooch rolls in.
  2. Move quietly and observe wildlife. You will not soon forget coming across a moose in the forest or a bald eagle soaring over a wild river.
  3. You can also search for beautiful cougars. (Or just catch a re-run of “Golden Girls.”)
  4. Exploring wilderness is a great way to take relationships — and the itch of poison ivy — to places they’ve never been.
  5. Choosing the right footwear is important. Men, wear socks with sandals only if hiking alone.
  6. Hold on tight to your wilderness memories because like Betty, you can use them to create sweet dreams.

  7. Pretend you are a wild animal. Guess which animal Betty wants to be.

  8. Betty found out that if you visit a national forest enough times, they might make you an honorary forest ranger!

  9. Fresh air and exercise will keep you young at heart. It’s worked for Betty!
  10. And the number one thing to do in wilderness is to be more like Betty and celebrate the importance of keeping wild places wild.


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