Top Activity: Nature Walking

Family enjoying a nature walk
Kent Miller
Even a short walk in nature is enough to refresh your mind, body and spirit.

You might not have time to disappear completely into the wild, but you can squeeze in a nice nature walk. From Idaho's Clearwater Basin to California’s San Gabriel Mountains, there are many options for getting your quick nature fix.

San Gabriel Mountains

The San Gabriel Mountains are just a short dash up a mountain road from the urban mass of Los Angeles. We recommend a stroll through scenic Icehouse Canyon.

Clearwater Basin

As you walk through Idaho's Clearwater Basin, you may spot spawning steelhead and Chinook salmon. The best spot for viewing this wildlife is Meadow Creek.

Gallatin Range

Drive up Hyalite Canyon in the Gallatin Range outside Bozeman, Montana, and look for Indian paintbrush amid a sea of other wildflowers.

Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks

Explore volcanic formations and a blazing garden of native desert plants in the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks area, located in New Mexico's high country a short distance from its second largest city, Las Cruces.

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